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Have you ever produced a killer CV within several days? If your answer is “yes” then you are the lucky one! Otherwise, you got to the right place as our website provides job seekers with fair and quality reviews of CV writing companies. We understand the importance of the good application document for the job search.

While more and more people are choosing professional CV writers, the question of their competence is really critical. Thereby, we decided to launch a specific reviewing function – just for you on our website multiple reviews are written by real professionals. Our today’s target is The CV Store – a British CV writing company that has been providing Brits with CVs since 2001. But is it a decent choice?

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Key Features
  • User-friendly Website
  • Creative Team
  • All Levels of Resumes/CVs
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  • Experienced Writers
  • Decent Prices
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Custom CV Writing

Usually, CVWritersReviews chooses inexperienced startups in order to check out their work at the very beginning and state whether they deserve to receive your orders or not. For instance, you might want to check Purple CV review to learn about other options. Still, today the target is an experienced British CV writing company that has been working since 2001. This fact attracted our professionals and they decided to check out whether experience approves a high quality of the work.

Firstly, professional reviewers faced the feedbacks of the clients, who have every applied to TheCVStore. Unfortunately, not every client was satisfied with the work of the company. Still, the website doesn’t contain lots of testimonials. So, the only chance to familiarize with the objective opinion from clients is to search for it on the Internet.

CV Writing Service

TheCVStore promises a wide set of services that cover only CV writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile writing, though. You can receive an application paper of different levels including graduate/entry and director/executive level. The company is proud of being members of the PARWCC. In fact, this isn’t a kind of an award, though it approves a quality of the CVs.

According to information given on the website, the company offers a writing assistance from the professional writers. Still, there are no proofs on the website such as certificates but you can familiarize with the samples of the CVs and choose the writer. Your decision will be based on the real example of the work.

Additional Services

The key goal of the service is to provide the clients with CVs. LinkedIn profile and cover letter writing aren’t considered to be a strong side of the company. So, it’s better to think twice and check out testimonials before applying for these documents.

On the website, you can find multiple handy job seeker tools and that’s a good option. You can find different career articles, tips from the professionals, different templates that will facilitate your job search process. Furthermore, you have an access to the prices. So, it’s possible to familiarize with the price policy beforehand. The only thing that is left to say about the price policy is that the prices are a little bit too high. A client will have to pay £49.19 for the same day CV and £199.19 for the executive application document. On our website, you can find reviews of the reliable CV writing companies in London that provide application papers for more affordable prices.

The CV Store is an experienced CV writing company. However, don’t expect that you will be satisfied with a price policy. Thus, you might want to look for affordable options first!